Portable precision comparator




The multi-functional Energomonitor 3.3T1-C can be utilized as a reference meter, a CT/VT test comparator, circuit inspections, accuracy and calibration testing, and for amplitude and peak AC voltage measurements.

  • As a reference meter: on-site performance, accuracy and calibration tests of single / and three-phase electric energy meters (active or reactive energy); control of correct meter wiring (without breaking into the circuits)
  • As a CT/VT test comparator: on-site performance, accuracy and calibration tests of current and voltage instrument transformers
  • Inspection of secondary circuits of instrument transformers (load power measurements), e.g. within automatic metering and billing systems
  • On-site performance, accuracy and calibration testing of instrument transducers of current, voltage, active and reactive power
  • Amplitude and peak AC voltage measurements (up to 500 Hz) across one/three channels and one differential channel; accuracy testing and calibration of peak voltmeters

Basic specifications:

  • Voltage measurement range: 0.6...360 V
  • Nominal current: In =0.1, 1, 0.5, 5, 10, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000, 3000 А
  • Operating temperature: 20...50°C
  • Weight: 2 kg

Components and accessories:

Rechargeable Power Supply + Power Adapter
RPS is charged from mains (85…264V, 50 ± 5Hz) via 220/16V Power Adapter from the delivery package.
Pulse Former
Pulse Former (PF) is an auxiliary device for testing energy meters.
Photoelectric scanning heads
Photoelectric scanning heads of two types are available: SH-I and SH-E.
TMBD for transformer burden measurement
TMBD serves for measuring load power of the transformer under test...
Current clamps
Current clamps (AC current sensors) are used as scaling converters (current to voltage conversion) for contactless AC current measurements within ...
Current Transformer Calibration Switch (CTCS)
Meant for testing of instrument-class current transformers, CTCS includes input scaling converters (instrument CTs) and commutation unit.